Color changing cars and refrigerators

BMW iX Flow Car

This is a very cool conecpt in color changing technology using E-Ink panels and controlled by software.

The color changing iX Flow in 32 possible colors was exhibited at CES 2023 showing the future in hardware color changing technology outside of the apparel industry.

This differs from Shadow Shifter color changing technology as this is hardware and software driven using E-ink panels and controllers to change the color of the panels.  Shadow Shifter technology only uses heat that does not require any hardware or software.

The next level to this technology will be to digitize the effect like stretching a tv screen across surfaces and controlling resolutions of pixels.

LG MoodUp refrigerator

This is another very cool example of new color changing technology released by LG at the CES 2023 show in Las Vegas.

This color changing refrigerator uses E-ink panels and can change color on the owners request through the refrigerators control panel.

I think Shadow Shifter will be getting a new refrigerator in the near future.