About Us

World Authority in Thermochromic Dyeing

We are dedicated specialists in thermochromic dyeing.  We have 23 years of research and development in color changing shirts manufacturing with over 5,000+ variant processes to improve and illiminate technology issues.  We are know as the world authority in thermochromic dyeing techniques and have provided research and development for fortune 500 companies and major apparel manufacturers.  We are also developing new innovations in color changing shirts to expand our reach into the sports and recreational markets.

Why Us

  1. Dedicated Experts
    We only focus on themochromic dyeing research and development to provide the most effective color changing shirts.  Other companies which provide tie dye and other dyeing processes attempt to emulate our process but fail because this is not just dyeing.  This is a technology.
  2. What not to do

    We have experienced what not to do with thermochromic dyeing so that the product will not fail in the market.  There are issues that are post production that if you are not aware of they will cause you massive revenue and reputation loses. 

  3. Manufacturing in the U.S.A.

    We manufacture in the U.S.A. for quick turnarounds, quality control, reduction in shipping costs and reduction in shipping times.


A market is only as strong as the reliability of it's services and products

Our dedication to only one market

  • Thermochromic Dyeing
  • New product development for Sports and Recreation
  • Retail ready
  • POP displays for retail with video demo screen
  • Product with no packaging for screen printers and designers

We are a dedicated company to thermochromic apparel research and manufacturer.  We have several projects in the works for new product lines in the sports and recreation industry.

Our Vision


Provide the highest quality product with a durable life time for the highest customer satisfaction.


The thermochromic apparel market has great potential for new products with therow creation of new processes we are creating.


The President of Shadow Shifter, Inc. is the world authority on thermochromic dyes and dyeing processes.  If a solution is available for a thermochromic process then Karl Clayton will be able to solve the problem.


The developer and President of the company, Karl Clayton, is the leading authority on thermochromic dyes and dyeing processes with 15 years of dedicated experience in this specialty field.

  • 15 years of dedicated research and manufacturer to ensure the best qualify products
  • Over 600,000 garments manufactured
  • Over 11,000 dyeing processes to perfect the dyeing technology and techniques
  • Extensive research into processing safety for adults and children
  • Thermochromic problem solving which if not achieved correctly will result in extensive financial loses.


Laboritory testing

We test all our garments for US standards by the best laboritories Intertek.  We have passed all test results for adult and children product sales to all governmental standards for apparel.

Product Processing

We process at our dye facility in PA with a standing 30 years of dyeing experience to provide the highest quality product.