Shadow Shifter Color Changing Shirts


(Previously known as DYEMUREX, INC.)

U.S.A. Manufacturer

Our company is the most experienced thermochromic dyer in the world with 15 years of dedicated experience in this very difficult dyeing process.

  • Heat reactive color changing t-shirts
  • ​​​​​​​Can be screen printed or heat pressed for promotional purposes.
  • Machine washable and machine dryable.
  • Durable for many years of use.
  • Available in retail box with POP stands.
  • Available as none packaged for events and promotions.
  • Orders ship in 24 to 48 hrs from Pensylvania U.S.A.  We hold 15,000 t-shirts in stock for quick fulfillment.
  • Orders for large quantites in the same color are scheduled for manufacture in our U.S.A. dyeing facility.

Products & Services


Blank t-shirts

For Screen pirinters and promotional

     24 to 10,000+ unit orders

     Mixed sizes and colors


✔     Ships from Philadelphia PA


Retail boxed t-shirts

For Brick and Mortar Stores

     Retail boxed

    POP Display Stands

    LCD Video Demo Displays

✔     Shrink wrap tamper proof.

Buy Retail


For retail customers

     Kids and Adults t-shirts

✔     Buy 1 or more

✔     Worldwide locations

     Many colors to choose from

Volume processing in the U.S.A.

for quick turnarounds and high quality

We process in the U.S.A. so that deadlines are met and quality is kept to a maximum.  We do not fail on delivery times and have a quick turnaround from our dyehouse in Pennsylvania onthe East Coast

What People Say About Our Color Shifting Shirts?

Steven Tabaczynski

After seeing an episode of The Goldbergs i had to get a hypercolor shirt. I got the blue to white one and it changed colors very drastically. I ordered it on a tuesday and it came that saturday which was cool. I got a medium and it looks and fits fine. Definitely buy it its worth it.

Lynn Costa

I love this shirt! I always get compliments and it fits really comfortably. It reacts to heat or moisture... so raindrops or sweat will also make your shirt turn colors in those areas... it fits true to size. Definitely will get another one!

Hypercolor Shirts


In 1991 the first thermochromic dyed shirts where created under the brand name Hypercolor by a company called Genera.  These color changing shirts became very popular from a TV show called 90210 where some of the main characters wore the shirts in an episode.  This exploded sales to $54 million in 1 year.

The problem with Hypercolor shirts that squashed the market was they washed out after only a few washes and would stop changing color if dryed in a hot tumble dryer so the craze died in 1992.

Our company President Karl Clayton of Dyemurex took over re-developing this color shifting technology in 2005 to solve the problems of washout and heat damage.  After 5 years of extensive research Karl Clayton released the Global Technacolour brand and in 2014 changed the name to Shadow Shifter after a conflict with Technicolour Movie Studios in France.